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If you have a request for something we can find it.
New items on the scene are Inflatable Stand Up and Paddle Boards,stowable in a back pack,pumped up to an incredibly hard pressure.Amazing new technology.
http://www.redpaddleco.com  see pictures included here
Check them out,simply incredible way to go on an adventure.Ask us about pricing here in BVI. 
We were just at the Surf Expo in Orlando Florida where we saw and talked to all the leading brands for Windsurf,SUP,Surf,Kite,Kayak.towable water toys ted.Ask us for the best prices.

The latest for the charter boat for towing behind the dinghy,loads of fun for all. THE ZUP.These are the rage now as they make the charter captains life easier,wakeboard nah,kneeboard nah,towables are now reinvented with the zup,ask us to use for a demo,come by and try it,its rocking the industry,,,,
Go here to see zup vids
Finian Maynards company
Wow check out these units,,,,impressive,yes ask us about pricing here FOB BVI...

Another item that I think might become all the rage is the Chillraft,basically a big floating mat for all ages you tether behind the boat,kids can stand an jump around on it,even play a form of volley/football on the big ones,adults and others can just lie on it and relax behind the boat or do the boogie dance to musak....I think its kinda cool,your thoughts ? Here is in various forms below.Also a  Chill sticks-noodles-
 idea that you can hang behind your boat to keep all the kids and customers close and nearby without drifting off.
If you need any kind of towables for your boat,waterskis,kayaks,,wake boards,foam mats and water rafts !!  
www.wowwatersports.com for the ultimate in towables and water toys.
All the latest Kites and Kiteboards,surfboards,windsurfers you name it we can get it,ask us e mail us at  jwright@surfbvi.com.
Christmas is coming real soon.

We can get anything you need for watersports related products. We have a freight forwarder in Miami and can get items shipped in the week straight to Beef Island Airport.If you are looking for BVI experience, we have the know how in a myriad of fields,do not be afraid to ask us anything,        jwright@surfbvi.com

Watersport prices.

Boardsailing BVI Watersports/etc rental prices,updated Feb 2014.

Windsurfers.All lessons include rescue facilities and equipment.

Beginner lessons 1 person $100 for 2 hours,

Intermediate lessons on gybing,tacking and waterstarts wind permitting $100 for 1 hr.

Advanced lessons,Waterstarts, high speed gybing,special techniques $100 for 1 hr.

Includes equipment

Windsurf Rentals,all day on site includes rescue facilities

Beginners,Intermediates  $25 an hour. Advanced/Racing  $30 an hour,

Beginner rtls on site, 1 day $75. 2 days $125 package,3 days +$50 

Intermediate rentals on site 1 day $100.2 days $150.3 days + $75 etc

Advanced rentals(Carbon) on site 1 day $150.2 days $200.3 days +$100 etc

Long Term rentals.You must sign the contract for safety and liability etc.

Beginner. $175 a week.$25 each day after.1 day $75,2 days $100

Intermediate. $220 a week.$35 each day after.1 day $100,2 days $150,3,$175,4 $200 5 $210,6,$215,7 $220

Advanced. $270, a week.$40 a day after.1 day$100,2 days $175


Extra beg complete rig per day $20,

Extra Intermediate rig $30 a day

Extra advanced rig per day $45

Extra board, beginner $25 each day,intermediate $30,Advanced carbon $50.

Extra glass mast per day $10,carbon $20

Extra beginner sail $10 a day,fully batten $20

Extra boom $10 a day,small extras,bases,fins $5 a day.

Kayaks Rentals

Double kayaks 1 hr $20,2 hours $30,1 Day $50.2 days $75,1 week $175,every extra day $20

Singles 1hr $15 2 hours $25.1 Day $40.2 days $55.1 week $135,every extra day $10

Extra Paddle,back supports rental $10 a day. Lifejackets $2 a day.

Boogie Boards $25 1 day,1/2 day $20,$10 a day after.

All Surfboards. 1 day $50,1/2 a day $25. 2 days 75,3 days $100 1 week $175, Every day after 1 week,$20 a day.

Surfing lessons available,Please call about availability and surf report

Dinghies. $35 1 hour, 2 hrs $60,1/2 day $75,1 day $100.1 week $375

Snorkel set. $5 for 1 hour or for the day,1 item or a set, $35 for week.

Waterski set (2) $20 hr,$45 day,$135 week

Single slalom ski same as above.Tow rope $20 for week extra.

Skim board  Same as boogie boards.

Kids waterskis. $15 1 hr, $25 for day, $115 for week.

Fish Rods. $75 for a week.$25 for a day $10 a day after.

SUP.  1 day $75,1/2 day $50 1 hr $20,2 hrs $35. 1 week $200,$25 each day after.2 days $100,3 days $150,5 days $175 6 days $185.

KIte         Board $40 1 day.,$20 each day after, so $160 for week.

Wake boards same

Kites are available $350 for week. but need $500 credit card deposit.proof of ability. Must be pumped up and inspected.Google kites,12,14,18 and one 9 m Best kahoona only

Complete Kite set up $350 1 week, extra day $45.1 day $100,2 days $175 3 days $225.

Ask for local rates

Kite lessons available on appointment only pending conditions,ask.Otherwise go to 

www.caribkiteboarding.com at Bitter End  Also our blog for BVI Kite guide www.kitebvi.posthaven.com